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‘While technology provides shiny new ways for us to communicate at lightning speed with millions of people , what the latest research is proving is that sharing authentic stories – real stories of real people – is still the most beneficial way for us to forge deep, long-term relationships with others; to gain support and raise funds, build teams and create community – across all cultures. It’s also proving to be essential for a long, healthy and happy life.’    ~Norma Cameron

I tap into the skills and knowledge gleaned from over 25 years’ experience as a keynote speaker, fundraiser, workshop facilitator/trainer, writer, professional storyteller and narrative consultant to:

  • design and deliver memorable keynote presentations
  • design and facilitate educational sessions and workshops
  • work with organizations – big and small –as a fundraising and communications consultant to help teams improve their skills/knowledge and increase revenues across all categories of fundraising approaches, and
  • provide narrative consultation and training to help organizations produce compelling and convincing communication materials ( including direct mail, website copy, donor articles and case for support material).

Here’s an overview of the services I provide.   Please contact me to discuss how I can help your organization. 


‘Excellent. I have been to many conference and many sessions in my life. I do believe that this was the best presentation I have ever attended. Thank-you Norma for sharing your considerable capacity, talent and passion.’   ~CAGP National Conference Participant

I have delivered presentations to audiences as small as 5 and as large as over 700. Audiences have included university faculty and staff, fundraisers, bankers, schoolteachers, librarians, lawyers, environmentalists, healthcare workers, dancers, police officers and storytellers.

I will work with your organization to determine your learning needs, design and deliver a presentation or workshop (or series of sessions) based on these objectives.

As an experienced adult trainer, I follow the experiential learning cycle in designing all sessions and include strategic interactive and participatory activities to maximize learning for all participants. I have developed and taught intensive 3 and 5-day fundraising courses in major gifts and planned/legacy giving.  I can create and deliver a customized learning plan for your organization. 

Sessions are created to suit your audience, organization and timeline.  From a one hour keynote speech to a five-day intensive course; it all depends upon your goals, learning objectives and preferences. Sample topics include:

  • Connecting Cultures Through Stories (Stories build empathy; empathy builds community across all cultures.)
  • We Are Our Stories: Narrative Research – more than just storytelling (Narrative research impacts your life every day and can transform individuals and entire communities.)
  • Using the Power of Story to Inspire and Focus Change (Insights and examples of how narrative can help individuals and organization create positive change.)
  • Discovering Your Story & Personal Mission Statement (Helping individuals find their match and motivation with the organization’s mission.)
  • Fundraising – Understanding the Narrative Philanthropy Approach for Major and Planned/Legacy Gifts (How to build and maintain a vibrant major/legacy giving program).
  • Engaging in Meaningful, Authentic Conversations with Clients (How to build long-term relationships and motivate action.)
  • Understanding Your Clients & Impact (Who, Why and How you serve others and the difference you make.)
  • Discovering, Shaping & Sharing Your Organizational Story (Developing your narrative brief, overarching themes, values and core messages: crucial to any successful communications strategy.)
  • Crafting Your Case For Support (How to convince and compel others to invest in helping you succeed.)
  • Developing Your Narrative Database (Seven key stories your organization needs to be successful.)  


‘I want to tell you a story about a workshop I attended that was one of the highlights of my year. Norma took us through the theory, we visualized our story, we mapped charts and created storyboards, we did voice exercises…and then it was the end of the day and we were all telling stories.  What a day!‘   ~Storytelling Skills Workshop Participant

  • Crafting A Memorable Speech (Learning how to design a memorable speech; including the necessary ingredients and flow.)
  • Storytelling Skills (From beginner to master classes.)
  • Narrative Leadership Skills: Storytelling  for Senior Executive & Board Members (How to choose, learn and tell stories to a variety of audiences.)
  • Writing Stories (Understanding story archs and flow, basic story templates to follow: along with interviewing, writing & communication strategies.)

‘Norma was truly amazing, as always; amazing takeaways and nuggets to put into action and great ideas for mentoring other team members.’     ~Session Participant, Exploring and Discovering the Art of the Authentic Conversation


If you are looking for someone who understands how to ‘tell your organization’s story’ to generate passion and motivate action…and ultimately create a win-win for your organization and your audience, then I can help.  I have worked with organizations of all sizes, including: short-term contracts to lead workshops for boards and/or board and staff teams or longer-term contracts to help the organization develop their Narrative Brief, and Inventory, coach board and staff to develop their fundraising skills (specializing in major and planned giving/legacy gifts).

And, as a trained journalist, public relations practitioner and creative writer, I have experience in writing a variety of materials, including:

  • Case for Support materials
  • Speechwriting
  • Direct Mail Correspondence
  • Stories of all kinds: profiles of clients, impact stories, articles, etc.
  • Annual Reports
  • Website Copy
  • Fundraising Articles & Brochures

 If you are interested in working with me to arrange a workshop, teach or coach your board and staff teams, or provide fundraising or communication consultation, please contact me by phoning (250) 655.3352 or by email:




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