Click on the links below to access some helpful resources – taken from some of my blog posts.  For more information on each topic, please refer to the blog post.

  1. The Philanthropic Conversation -research just for Canadians – A Guide for Professional Financial Advisors eBook
  2. A Fundraiser Bill of Rights – It’s About Time!
  3. Everything You Need To Know about what you’re raising funds for:Fundraising Project Checklist (Don’t leave the office without it!).
  4. Branding in Non-profits?  Listen to this Podcast: Storytelling for Non-profits
  5. A Step into Narrative Medicine:  Shaping Your Patient Story
  6. Watch Norma’s TEDxTalk and learn about how to Cultivate Narrative Intelligence.
  7. Every Canadian fundraiser needs to read this – Your Story, Your Future: Time, Treasure, Talent: Canadian Women and Philanthropy
  8. Fundraiser Know Thyself (by completing this): Discovering Your Philanthropic Self Template
  9. The Nuts n’ Bolts of Setting Up Your Professional Advisor Parachute Club
  10. Creating A Legacy: Gathering Stories from your Donors
  11. YouTube: Let Me Tell You A Story ( Remember to brew a cuppa.  It’s an hour-long presentation on the Power of Story

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