Narrative Leadership

All great leaders share a common trait – they are all great storytellers.  While some believe that storytellers are born – not created – I beg to differ.  Yes, there are those who have a natural gift in telling stories, but like many other art forms, everyone can learn how to improve their storytelling skills.  It requires practice, but the investment will reap benefits in your personal and professional life.

Through workshops or intensive narrative coaching I work with individuals and teams to help them learn the art and science of strategic storytellingI offer sessions ranging from introductory to master class storytelling levels that help adults learn how to craft and tell stories story by sharing tips and techniques honed over a lifetime of storytelling.

More importantly – and the key to narrative leadership – is being strategic in choosing the right story for a particular audience.   In addition, you will learn how to encourage listening, generate passion, make the story memorable,  and deliver an ending that will achieve your overall goal.

If you want to motivate or inspire your team, then why not consider strengthening your storytelling skills – I would be happy to work with you to customize a session or series of sessions to reach your goal.


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