Norma’s ‘Well-Worn’ Narrative Resource List

I often get asked for resource material from those who wish to learn more about the ‘all things narrative’.  Well, right now, these resources top my list of recommendations. I’m sure others could add to this, but for starters, it’s not a bad resource library to have on hand.  Happy scrolling, reading, watching and listening.  And, please share your own favourites. Follow the ‘more’ tag to view the list.  

Learning the art of storytelling:

The Way of the Storyteller – Ruth Sawyer

Improving Your Storytelling – Doug Lipman

Suddenly They Heard Footsteps – Dan Yashinsky

Websites:  Norma Cameron’s TEDxTalk on Cultivating Narrative Intelligence

NPR’s Scott Simon: How To Tell a Story  

NPR’s Ira Glass:  Ira Glass on Storytelling (four parts)

Storytelling for corporations/organizations:

The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling (or) The Springboard – Stephen Denning

The Story Factor (or) Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins – Annette Simmons

Your Client’s Story (specifically for financial advisors) – Scott West & Mitch Anthony

Tell To Win – Peter Guber

Gathering personal or family Stories:

Telling Stories of Life through Guided Autobiography Groups:  J. Birren & K. Cochran

Writing About Your Life – William Zinsser

Storycatcher – Christina Baldwin

Focus on Stories about/for Women:

Women Who Run With the Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Inviting the Wolf In – Loren Niemi & Elizabeth Ellis

Writing Stories (focus on journalistic, non-fiction writing)

Telling True Stories – From the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University

How To Interview (Self-Counsel Series) Paul McLaughlin

Blending creativity (and the need to) in your work:

A Whole New Mind – Daniel H. Pink

Ted Talks by Sir Ken Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity

The Leader’s Edge – Charles J. Palus & David M. Horth

Stories in Healthcare & Healing: 

Narrative Medicine – Dr. Rita Charon

Composing a Life – Mary Catherine Bateson

The Healing Heart ~ Communities. Ellison M. Cox & David Albert

Best book ever – on using plain language in all you write/tell:

Death Sentences – Don Watson


About Norma Cameron, CFRE

Norma Cameron is owner and principal of The Narrative Company, formed in 2006 to help people and organizations understand and apply the “power of story”. Prior to this, Norma had over 20 years’ experience in communications, fundraising, organizational development, performance storytelling, public speaking and training. As an engaging keynote speaker and seminar leader, she works with public, private and non-profit sector clients. As a seasoned storyteller, she has performed at conferences, concerts and festivals across Canada and the UK.
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