Norma’s TEDx Talk

Norma Cameron’s TEDx Talk.

Cultivating Narrative Intelligence…The Evolution of Story

As we evolve into a global community, the skills of a storyteller – cultivating imagination, embracing listening and exercising perceptual agility – are needed more than ever before. Why? Through listening, gathering and telling stories we can develop sympathy and empathy for others and tap into an incredible source of ‘local’ wisdom; essential ingredients for any civil society.

Norma believes this is an idea worth spreading…do you?


About Norma Cameron, CFRE

Norma Cameron is owner and principal of The Narrative Company, formed in 2006 to help people and organizations understand and apply the “power of story”. Prior to this, Norma had over 20 years’ experience in communications, fundraising, organizational development, performance storytelling, public speaking and training. As an engaging keynote speaker and seminar leader, she works with public, private and non-profit sector clients. As a seasoned storyteller, she has performed at conferences, concerts and festivals across Canada and the UK.
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